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Discover the secret to irresistibly soft and nourished lips with our all-natural -wintergreen lip balm. Crafted from the finest raw beeswax, we've blended it with luxurious sweet almond oil and vitamin E for an unbeatable formula. Infused with wintergreen essential oil our lip balm isn't just a treat for your lips, but for your senses too.

Our lip balm is designed for quick absorption, leaving your lips feeling velvety, smooth, and never waxy. It's your ultimate defense against the elements, providing deep hydration and protection. 

Treat your lips to the ultimate indulgence with our wintergreen essential oil lip balm and explore our wide range of lip-smacking flavors today. Shop now to experience the magic of naturally beautiful lips, all year round.

Wintergreen -Essential oil

  • Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Wintergreen Essential Oil.

  • Our lip balm is made with fresh raw beeswax. We add sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and a little essential oil to enhance the senses. Our lip balm will leave your lips feeling soft and silky not waxy. The beeswax and oils get absorbed quickly hydrating your lips and protecting your lips from the elements.

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