10 year story, in the process of being edited. Thank you

 We started off by moving from the city, to a "small blink and you miss it town" Sanford MB. The main reason for the move was paul and Kelley where foster parents caring for 2 disabled boys with Cerebral palsy. There was more space for there wheelchairs, the house was more of an open layout. Changing from city to country is a big change, a family decision was that if we were going to live on a homestead we where going to get chickens.... Let me just say "chickens are a gateway drug" into becoming a farmer. We had a cosy shed and made it into a chicken coop. There was plenty of space and year-round warmth. Chickens are fairly easy to, get a shed, build a fence, for there protection from wildlife. Put out food and water every day and count the eggs...endless amount of eggs. From Zero farming experience we now were successful chicken farmers. It was a great feeling when friends and family would visit and you could load them up with fresh eggs and vegetables from the garden and just share the wealth.


Kelley then wanted to try the next thing but what? We got our chickens from a local farm down the road Kelley picked up a weekend job there to learn about new animals. Months later... Kelley wanted goats, 200 to be exact. Let me just say, thankfully convinced her that we should just start with 3, 2 females 1 male. We named one "Snap", she was a cranky goat. "Betty White" very nice & gentle "Chewy" like "Chewbacca" he was small a kid goat.


Just like the chickens, we converted another shed and built a fence. The alfalfa went out once a day, and we gave the grains at milking time. The goats loved the grain so it was a good way to milk and have them stay in one spot. It is funny when you hear sayings, lots reflect farming..."Like, don't cry over spilt milk." The goats would give 2-3 litres per goat per day and when you milk 2-3 litres and your hands are soar and for no reason, the goat kicks the bucket and wrecks your days work all for no reason. Anyways I am rambling. Imagine going to the store every day and getting 6 litres of milk. You cant skip a day because it will cause the goat pain. We made everything with the milk and drank it. Cereal, coffee, creamer, we made ice cream, CHEESE the endless amount of cheese. The thing with goat milk is you can't really sell it because it's unpasteurized and you can get in lots of trouble. You can pasteurize it but that is a whole other thing. At this time we had more milk than we needed we learned we could freeze it so that what we did but eventually that filled up. and guess what turns out the goats are pregnant. I was surprised too but goats have 2-3 kids per birth let me just say things got a little crazy fast. The good thing is everyone at the start was from a different littler. 


As that issue kept growing Kelley came across the idea of putting the milk in soap. She took a soap class and shared her knowledge with us. We began making soap it used up the remaining supply and we could store it. Actually the longer it cures the better, like a fine wine. We didn't really know what to do and put in our soaps we just started with a basic recipe and went, we had bars with orange peels, coffee grinds, we had colours random scents. We gave them to friends and family and learned from there feedback, too soft, too hard, I don't like the one with coffee grinds it feels like little bugs. Basically, for 2 years, it was about trying random things and listening to feedback. 


The first market

Kelley and Amy went to the first market, it was inside a hospital as a little craft market. We had soaps bath bags body butter they "sold out" What an amazing feeling that was. We now had this micro-business that sold products, we not only manufactured but we were the farmers too. Pulling something from nothing and making something of it. We restocked and the next week we did it over. This time we got to hear peoples reviews, one gentleman, in particular, said he was in chemo and his skin became quite dry he used our "goatmilk bath bag" and moisturizing oil. He said he had a bath and that night was the first night in years where he slept through the night. He thanked us it wants about making money off this man it was a positive feeling and peace we brought into his life. If you have read this far I don't want you to feel I am making claims of any sort. When we have enough money we would love to do some scientific testing. as from now, this is just part of our history. 


Jordan Kennedy ended up taking over the soap making, it was about keeping the ingredients the same and consistent. Kelley was creative and loved tweaking things all the time but if this was going to be a business thing had to stay the same so we could properly label ingredients etc. Making soap is a big job long process so let me tell you Kelley didn't mind she was more than welcome to help at any time.


We all had our own Jobs.

Kelley branched more towards research and new product development.

Paul was the goat milker and framer and media spokesman.

Jordan was the business developer and day-to-day operations

Amy and Kelley came up with the recipe for "The best lip balm ever"

We got bees and a whole other amount of crazy animals and the business just took off from there from adding new products trying new things and always listing to feedback. This is the core story of our business on how we started we have been in operations for 10 years we have gone through many brands changes from, "Go Natural Goats Milk Beauty Products" to "Go Natural Beauty" now to "ONatural Skin Care Company"


Core Values

  • Basically our core values are, keep the ingredients simple.

  • Treat customers with respect.

  • Work towards a green future 

  • Truth and transparency           

Contact Us:


Phone Number: 1-(204)-228-4386

Email: Jordan@onaturalskincare.ca

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm    

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