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10 years ago, our journey began!  We started off by moving from the city to a small rural community known as Sanford MB.


The reason for moving was because of my foster brothers.  Paul and Kelley where foster parents caring for my 2 disabled brothers with Cerebral palsy. The opportunity came up allowing more space for their wheelchairs, easier access around the house and more open space outdoors.


As a family we decided to get chickens.... Let me just say, "chickens are a gateway drug" into becoming a farmer. 1 chicken turned into 4, 4 turned into 10, then we eventually brought on goats, and even alpacas.  We built a cozy barn and chicken coop with lots of running space so the animals could be freer.

         Once we were confident in taking care of the animals Kelley then wanted to buy 200 goats, (good thing I got her down to 3). We had 2 females and 1 male, we named one "Snap", she was a cranky goat. "Betty White" very nice & gentle and "Chewy" like "Chewbacca" he was small a kid goat.


We started to milk our goats for daily essentials, we would add it to our cereal, coffee, make ice cream, and make cheese, lots of it. We had to milk the goats every day, which produced 2-3 Litres of milk.  After a month you develop a “stockpile” of milk and wonder what else it can be resourced for. 


Kelly did some research and found out that goat’s milk is highly moisturizing and being all natural is great for our bodies.  She took a soap making class and then shared her knowledge with us, which later become the foundation of the company.

We started making soap and giving out samples to our friends and family looking for positive and negative feedback. Our family and friends said it was “too soft, too hard”, I don't like the one, the smell isn’t there, and so this went on for about a year. 


         Our first market


Kelley and my sister went to there first market, which was inside a hospital as a little craft market. We had soaps, bath bags, body butter which all "sold out"! We restocked and the next week, we did it over. This time we got to hear actual feedback from customers, one gentleman said he was in chemotherapy and his skin became quite dry.  He used our goat milk bath bag and moisturizing oil. He said he had a bath and that night was the first night in years he slept through the night. This response touched us to this day, knowing were able to help someone in the midst of there hard times.


We did door to door sales to get word of mouth out, we had 2 baby goats and a basket of products, hoping to sell out.  We actually ran into our top country radio station host’s house, where they talked about us on air! Very cool experience coming from a small town.


As a family we all played our parts to develop this business, but as we all got older, some members went there separate way and pursued their career choice.


A few years ran by and I, Jordan Kennedy ended up taking over the soap business.  Being as consistent as I am with my business I was able to expand into other products, such as lip balm and oils.



Core Values

•   Respect

•   Honesty

•   Integrity

•   Working towards a greener future 

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